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Decentralized Charity via Blockchain

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People are now becoming voracious to contribute to the society. People want to donate generously for the causes they believe in but usually end up doing nothing due to no trust in the system around them. We have a lot of charitable organizations and NGOs who are in needs of funds every now and then, which are really working for the betterment of the society. There are a lot of online portals to donate to these charities which usually seems to be trust less. There are also charitable organizations that call up individuals for donations because they don’t operate on a large scale. But they face a lot of problems to convey their genuineness and hence don’t get enough donations. Additionally, there are a lot of meta-charities who try to evaluate charities and thus help individuals to donate to the top charities but they sometimes seem biased to a specific set of communities. Hence, in spite of all the transparency that the charitable organizations are trying to incorporate, there still exists the distrust about the way in which this money is being put to practice. Also, if an individual by himself wants to go out and do a noble deed, nobody would fund him as people would only trust recognized charitable organizations.

What we need is a tracking system which donor can trust and also will help him/her to track how the donation is utilized. This will allow the charity doer to repeat its noble deed with a surety that his contribution is reaching the right people. Hence, in this way apart from NGOs and Organizations, individuals can also contribute their talent and time to contribute for the wellness of the society and hence can make the world better place to live.

We are using blockchain based decentralized application which will help donor to track the money he has donated. Our aim while implementing this application was to make it as simple as possible. This has helped us to avoid use of smart contract in the application. Most of the NGOs are not willing to use crypto tokens as they swing in value drastically. So all the fund transfers will happen as fiat currency. To overcome this issue, we have used Atomic Transfers (multiple signature approval system) of Algorand blockchain. So as soon as the NGO receives cash they sign a transaction with the details of the donor. The donor will receive a notification for approval of the transaction. Once donor approves this transaction, it will be written to blockchain. Each time a transaction happens(NGO send money to beneficiary, NGO send money to a supplier of a certain goods, Supplier send goods to beneficiary) atomic transfers are triggered and once both parties agree, it will be written to blockchain.

Our motto is to create applications which are simple and easy to maintain for our clients. Our 6 step process has helped us to achieve this feat as there are lot of applications that use smart contracts for decentralized applications which make them very complex.

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