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Certificate Issuing Services via Blockchain

A certificate is an official document attesting a fact and, broadly speaking, the term is often used with different meanings: guarantee, proof, authorization, authentication, verification, credentials,accreditation, testimonial, warrant, license, voucher, diploma, and more.In particular, university degrees and professional certificates granted as an award for the completion of an educational program can help people get the job they want or allow companies to decide whether a candidate for a job has the appropriate skills.

Current systems for certifying academic achievements are slow, complicated, expensive,and exposed to counterfeiting. As a result, the creation and adoption of a secure and decentralized digital certificate infrastructure based on the Blockchain technology have the potential to bring several advantages. First, they would enable recipients to quickly and easily get a verifiable, tamper-proof version of their certificates that they can share with employers, schools, family, and friends. Second,the Blockchain technology would guarantee, essentially for free, permanence, convenience, and a level of security appropriate to the importance of the certificate record.

Securecerts dApp over Algorand

Securecerts have decided to create a decentralized certificate issuing application because the available applications in the market are too complex to implement, not user friendly and has scaling issues. We have implemented a decentralized certificate issuing application on algorand blockchain network. We chose this network over Ethereum due to following reasons:

  • Algorand can scale up to 1000 transactions per second (TPS) which can withstand any DOS(Denial of Service) attacks.
  • No headaches of Gas fees as algorand uses proof of stake where transaction cost is fixed.
  • Support from the team over discord and other platforms is great.
  • Good documentation and tutorials which make sure that we are not stuck at any point of time during development.

Securecerts understand the fact that, ease of use is also important for mass adoption of this application. We have introduced some other cool features which makes issuing and verification much faster.

  • The first feature we have introduced is a URL and a QR code. Each certificate issued will have a URL and a QR code which can be used to instantaneously verify certificates.
  • Each issuer and recipient will have a certificate wallet from where they can access the issued certificates.
  • The bulk issue feature allow the issuer to issue up-to 500 certificates in one go. Issuers will also have an option to block an issued certificate in-case the data added to a certificate Is found to be wrong.

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